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Texas is the largest state with the most oil and natural gas production in the nation. But what happens when the industry collapses? Companies become distressed and reduction enforce becomes necessary. Our bi-lingual investigators will assist with: Investment fraud, asset recovery, royalty assistance and verification.

Metropolitan Private Investigations (MPI) is officially registered with the county of El Paso for court appointed criminal cases. MPI is licensed and insured with the state of Texas. All field investigators are licensed and experience in working with attorneys in major court cases. 

Did the police rule the death of your loved on as accidental or suicide but you have doubts due to the curcumstances surrounding the incident? Private investigators have been known to find information that may indicate foul play. We are dedicated in finding the truth. 

Infidelity is a major problem in a lot of relationships. As long as someone has the opportunity to cheat, an unfaithful partner will take advantage of a moment. Private Investigators wait for that moment. Cheating factors involve "opportunity." When, where and with who is the question. We will find out!

Undercover female agents know exactly what men want. With absolute respect to our client's relationship, agents are able to show the cleint what he is capable of doing when he's away from home. If a man is a womanizer, he will take advantage of opportunities with any women. Our undercover female agents will get the evidence you need. 

After a divorce, a child custody dispute follows. Immediately after a separation, most parents disagree in child custody. This is where courts have to step in and act in the best interest of the children. You will need prove for court. We can help in obtaining that proof.

Insurance companies pay approximately 80 Millions dollars per year in fraudulent claims. Private investigators are being hired everyday by the Insurance Corporations to investigate individuals who on claims they are hurt 

Whether someone got hurt on the job or in a vehicle accident, some people claim they are really hurt. Patients are then ordered by doctors for limited mobility. As patients cannot work, insurance claims are being made. But when private investigators are sent out by the insurance companies, some patients are caught doing activities they aren't suppose to be doing which proves some patients are deceitful. 

It's heartbreaking for employers to catch their most trusted employees taking from their busness. There are 4 things employers rist in loosing:

 -Money  -Products  -Time  -Services

People do desperate things in desperate times or just simply a bad habit.

Every employer has a due deligence for the safety of its employees, customers and for the public. Some employers obtain volunteers which have direct contact with children. We can do full and extensive background checks for all and any employee. 

When defendants don't go to court, they turn into fugitives. Law enforcement as well as private investigators who are known as Bail Enforcement Agents or Fugitive Recovery Agents MUST hunt for these fugitives and bring them back to justice. We are currently contracted by multiple local bail bond agencies to find their fugitives. 

Metropolitan Private Investiations is a very unique firm as most of their investigators are also licensed personal protection officers also known as Bodyguards. With the close association that MPI has with other security companies, bodyguard services are also available upon the client's requests.

We assist clients with their home security. Through a third party, we will guide and recommend the client the best options for the security of their home or business. Some cameral installation comapanies over charge clients for products they really don't need. We won't let that happen.

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